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DUST Rising

The surprising power of tiny specks
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Dust Rising Teaser
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From human health to ecosystem function,

discover the astonishing impact of tiny particles –

and how that’s shifting as Earth’s climate changes. 

Dust surrounds us endlessly. We fight a Sisyphean battle with it in our homes. It makes us sneeze. What could be more mundane? But those tiny specks actually have astonishing power. This 26-minute documentary film takes you on an eye-opening journey with dust from the microscopic to the global scale. Along the way, you’ll meet scientists on the cutting edge of dust research, as well as a couple whose lives have been dramatically altered by dust. You’ll discover that dust can be both life-giving and deadly in turn, and that its impact is shifting as Earth’s climate warms.

You’ll never look at dust the same way again.


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